My personal journey began five years ago after discovering CrossFit. I was a lifelong athlete, but I soon recognized that I was a novice in regards to the movements of CrossFit. It was through the support, encouragement and coaching dedication from the Baldwinsville team that I grew from a novice participant to competing in local competitions and eventually the world wide CrossFit open reaching to the level of 408 worldwide in the 60 + Masters division in the 2020 games. The coaches and team at Baldwinsville CrossFit respect the individuality and diversity of each member. Everyone is Welcomed, no matter your age, gender or athletic ability. Programs are modified to each individual as needed. I am confident in saying that Baldwinsville CrossFit is “more than a gym”. It is a passionate community of individuals who genuinely care about each other expanding beyond the “gym experience”. It is a true family atmosphere. Baldwinsville CrossFit is place where you can feel comfortable while working towards meeting your personal goals. I am a Masters athlete in my 60’s and I feel valued and respected as a peer by all the members of the Baldwinsville CrossFit family. CrossFit is a unique athletic training, sport and lifestyle experience that in my opinion is unmatched. The coaches at Baldwinsville CrossFit will challenge you, but will always support you in the best interest of you as a person as their foundation. As a Masters CrossFit athlete, CrossFit can be the “Fountain of Youth”. All the Best Tom

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